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Oakdale Community Hospital is a community health care facility that provides acute hospital services to individuals and families, proudly serving you and your family with comprehensive care by a caring professional medical staff. We have a team of physicians, nurses respiratory therapists, dietitians and case manager. We offer a wide range of medical services, such as internal medicine, rehabilitation, surgical and cardiology. Additionally, we offer clinical services, including cardiac monitoring, nursing, case management, laboratory, nutrition services, and physical therapy. At Oakdale Community hospital, we also organize various educational seminars because we believe education is the key for optimal health and to provide care and commitment to your family.

Message From CEO Bill Tingle

Message From CEO Bill Tingle

Oakdale Community Hospital is a healthcare oasis for not only the city of Oakdale and Allen Parish at large, but also the myriad of small communities that surround us. We strive continually to meet the needs of our population by supplying the resources our providers require to care for our patients. The hospital strives to be a leader and partner in all health-related endeavors in the area, including not only meeting acute and emergent needs but also providing preventative care and health education ranging from in-school clinics, to free sports physicals for our young adolescents, to activities focused on our aged population. We make every attempt to be good-citizens by encouraging our employees to be involved is as many positive activities in the area as possible. Our goal is to have happy and healthy employees caring for happy and soon-to-be healthy patients.

The message-of-caring is cohesive across the hospital, from our corporate ownership to our local support staff. This level of commitment and true concern has turned the tide of opinion as employees and the community see investment turning long-term promises into immediate reality. The years of hearing “Oakdale needs to provide better healthcare options for women” is now “Oakdale Community Hospital is proud to announce Digital Mammography and Bone-Density studies are available in-house for the convenience of our patients.” We identified a shortage of Primary Care Providers available for chronic and preventative care and have met that need by doubling our number of clinics and adding a Physician and five new Nurse Practitioners to the surrounding communities. Active recruitment is underway to bring additional Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Specialty Physicians to our medical staff as well. Our next stage of growth is to open new clinics in other areas and expand in-patient services on the hospital campus, further eliminating the delay in care that results from patients having to seek care at distant facilities.

The goal of our staff is the building of a healthier community one patient at a time. This shared goal is also why I started in hospitals 26 years ago providing patient care, and why I have stayed. Working sixteen hour shifts in the ICU you learn to see everything from the patient's and the family's eyes. Every single person whether in the bed or at the bedside reminds you of someone you know and love, knew and lost or sometimes even yourself and pain you have felt. As Ian Maclaren says, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Our staff understands this and it is reflected in the devotion and compassion they show to our patients, visitors and fellow co-workers.

Continuing in the spirit of better citizenship, Oakdale Community Hospital has made a commitment to Community Education by focusing monthly on specific healthcare needs whether curative, diagnostic or preventative. Be sure to check often for updates to this website as well as our Facebook page to be in tune with the services featured. You are essential to the success of our mission, because it is not a slogan, it is a central truth, "Oakdale Community Hospital, YOUR Community, YOUR Hospital"

Bill Tingle, CEO
Oakdale Community Hospital